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reading: 誰が言う寸草の心の

誰が    だれ    who
言う    いう    to say

and my dictionary doesn’t recognize 寸草 together sooooo…

寸    すん    by itself says this means a “sun or roughly 3.03 cm” what the WHAT? but when added to the beginning of other things it can mean “a moment’s leisure” 寸暇(すんか), “on the brink” 寸前(すんぜん), among other things. So…this is a word.
草    そう    when pronounced そう it means “draft” or “rough copy” but it’s also the kanji for “grass” when you pronounce it くさ

and   心    しん    is heart, mind, spirit, or inner strength. (It’s also one of my absolute favorite kanji to write.)

sooo… meaning? yea, I dunno. but there’s some kanji! I liked writing this one throughout the month of May.

which, sorry y’all, life got busy. I’ll try to find myself on tumblr doing more than reposting Doctor Who pics soon. ^.^